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A+ School of Excellence™


Brisas is proud to be recognized as an A+ School of Excellence™ by the Arizona Educational Foundation. 

The Arizona Educational Foundation created the A+ School of Excellence™ Program in 1983 as a comprehensive school assessment tool to identify, celebrate and recognize overall educational excellence in schools throughout Arizona. The Program is sponsored by The Arizona Republic/Season for Sharing, APS, Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, and Safeway with additional support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

The A+ School of Excellence™ Program's purpose is threefold:

  • To identify and give public recognition to outstanding public schools in Arizona;
  • To make available a comprehensive framework of key criteria for school effectiveness that can serve as a basis for participatory school self-assessment and planning;
  • To facilitate communication and sharing of best practices within and among schools based on common criteria related to success.

As an A+ School of Excellence™, Brisas models quality and equity that is needed in the 21st century. We have a strong commitment to academic excellence, meet rigorous teaching and learning standards, and demonstrate strong student achievement results. We cultivate a learning-centered school environment and are supportive of the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of the whole child. We focus on the individual needs of every child and are recognized for our superior ability to go above and beyond the norm in providing services to children, families, and our local community.

In order for Brisas to be selected as an A+ School of Excellence™ winner, we had to demonstrate high levels of student achievement, innovation in classroom instruction and programs, implementation of goals through extensive collaborative involvement of parents and community, and show evidence of high levels of satisfaction and consensus. We also do our very best to unify all stakeholders – students, parents, staff, and the broader community – to assure quality and equity in all aspects of our school’s programs, as well as to engage all stakeholders in strategic thinking and planning toward continuous improvement. The A+ School of Excellence™award is a powerful energizer for increasing public confidence in the public school system.  Brisas is honored to be recognized as an  A+ School of Excellence™award winning school!

The following PDF document was our school's full 2011-2012 A+ School of Excellence™ award application. It contains a 30-page comprehensive explanation of our school, including the following: A) School Organization and Culture, B) Student Focus and Support, C) Professional Learning Community, D) Active Teaching and Learning, E) Challenging Curriculum Standards, F) Leadership and Educational Vitality, G) School, Family, and Community Partnerships, H) Indicators of Success, and I) Challenges.


The following PDF document is our school's full 2015-2016 A+ School of Excellence™ award application.  It contains a 39-page comprehensive explanation of our school, including the following:  A) Strong Instructional Leadership, B) School Organization and culture, C) Guaranteed, Viable Curriculum and Meaningful Assessment, D) Active Teaching and Learning, E) Student Focus and Support, and F) Parent and Community Involvement.


A+ School of Excellence Application (Most Recent)


We are currently in the A+ School of Excellence™ award process.  By mid-February of 2016, we should be notified if our application meets the criteria for a Site Visit by the judges.  We'll be sure to keep our community informed as we move through this exciting time!


To learn more about the A+ School Recognition Program overall, please click on Arizona Educational Foundation.

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